Expert Advice 

A new customer contacted us explaining that they had received a letter from the Bailiff’s, and they apparently owned their previously electricity supplier C. £ 21K. 
We analysed our customers final electricity bill from their previous supplier, we then verified the opening reads with their new supplier. It transpired that our client previous supplier had invoiced their final bill incorrectly using ‘estimated’ meter reads. This resulted in our customers previous supplier owing our customer C. £25K instead! With our help and expertise they received the refund in full within a week! 

Another Happy Client 

A client who had a gas contract but was receiving 2 separate invoices; One gas meter, from the same supplier covering the same time period; but 2 different tariff rates (1 x contracted rate, 1 x deemed rate!) charged twice for the same gas, same meter, same time period! Following our help and expertise the supplier admitted their error and credited our clients bank account with all monies due. 
These are a few ways we have helped our customers. 

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Our loyalty is always with our customers, providing with the quality of service their customers expect of them. 
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