New Meter Connections 

Are you relocating your business, expanding it, or building a brand premises? These are usual reasons for any new connections for a new electricity, gas. 
The organisation of this can be a very complex and time-consuming process with many important factors to impact on the overall costs & live date. BDU can assist you with these complex processors, saving your time and probably sanity too! We can organise the installation of your gas and electricity meters and services, as well as your gas and electricity meter and advanced metering technologies. 
We have a long history of helping and assisting many size connection jobs from single site expansions to assisting Project Managers of Multi-million-pound developments to ensure that deadlines are met. We can organize installation of all sizes of meters; both gas and electricity - half hourly & non-half hourly electricity meters. 

Half Hourly HH Meter Operator agreement DC & DA 

If you have a Half Hourly (HH) electricity meter it is a legal requirement to have Meter operator agreement (MOP contract) Suppliers will charge and collect payment for this service and the ability to receive, collect, verify and securely administer your half hourly data via their regular billing. 
However, you are free to appoint your own independent specialists, probably using the same company, supplying same service, but at a much cheaper rate. 

Contact Us 

Our loyalty is always with our customers, providing with the quality of service their customers expect of them. 
Let’s get started! 

Siteworks & Meters 

We can arrange the supply and installation of the correct size and type of meter to suit your sites unique requirements. 
We help all business users 
Small & Expanding Businesses 
Multi-utility, Site Installations. 
Multi-site Businesses 
Large commercial properties/developments 
Property Management Agents 

Business Electricity  

Finding the best electricity prices with suppliers’ contract variable and anomalies terms and conditions to suit your business from a plethora of choice is not easy, requiring a significant time investment; this where we come in. 

Business Gas 

The energy industry is complex & volatile due to many factors & variants applied to wholesale markets: the weather, UK & Global markets, global health & political stability. We always work with you to procure the lowest contract prices at the ideal time, due to its extreme volatility, prices can vary on a daily & even half hourly basis. Add in different suppliers’ terms and conditions a plethora of suppliers, rather complicated. A supplier that offered you great prices last time may not do the same for your next contract. 

Business Water 

Like the energy markets de-regulated over 20 years ago, opening up to competition; the water industry has similarly created a great way for business to achieve lower water costs, same geographic tasting water, same tap! 
If you are spending more than £2,000 P/A on your water bills, it’s likely we can help you make significant savings. 

Electricity HH - Capacity Assessment 

Larger electricity consumers with Half Hourly meters may be aware of capacity charge on their invoices. If you have moved into premises with an existing Half Hourly electricity meter (HH) or you already have one what you may not realise is that the previously agreed ‘Agreed Supply Capacity’ is set to high, consequently you are being charged monthly for something which you never use, require. 
Over the years we have helped many clients reduce these to a more appropriate level, saving our clients hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the years. No one likes paying for something they either did not realise they had or not using the current high capacity! 
Equally the capacity could be set too low, meaning you’ll be paying excessive charges for the capacity you are taking from the National Grid over your ‘agreed’ ceiling capacity! 
We can evaluate review your current (ASC) & organise it to be lowered if necessary 
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